KTIC Group – Digi Fibre Broadband Product 
Unleash the power of fibre for you & your family with Malaysia’s Largest Internet Network. Get latest devices, connectivity for everyone in the family & solutions for study and work.

Ultra-fast Unlimited Fibre Plans from 50Mbps to 1Gbps and its unlimited Internet. Get these amazing plans that cater to every household.

Fulfil your internet needs by applying Digi Fibre Broadband with us and get 8,000 of BPoints now. Guaranteed gift!
Digi Fibre Broadband
1. Campaign period will be effective from 26 April 2022 until further notice.

2. This campaign is only applicable for new installation.

3.This campaign is applicable to fibre packages that mention above.

4.This campaign is only applicable to order from BInfinite.

5. All campaign is tied to 24-months contract.

6. Internet plan is subject to infra readiness and port availability.

7. The company shall not entertain any request from customer to exchange to cash term.

8. BPoints will be credited within 14 working days upon internet fibre service activation date.

10. Customer is not allowed to modify package (upgrade/downgrade and change) within first 6 months.

11. The company reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue temporarily or permanently, some or all of the promotion with respect to any or all users, at any time without notice.

12. Termination/cancellation of the plan within commitment period (24 months contract), customer will be charged subscription fee on the remaining contract months or RM500 from the ISP.

13. Except for the specific terms and conditions for the Campaign stated herein, all other terms and conditions for each ISP Fiber Broadband and General Campaign terms and conditions shall continue to apply.

  1. Users submit inquiries through clicking the listing from BInfinite.
  2. The company handle the user's inquiry within 3 days.
  3. Installation will happen within 30 days if the application has no issues.
  4. After installation is done, only the transaction will be tracked.
  5. BPoints will be awarded 14 working days  after successful activation and broadband setup installation is completed.